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WATCHDOG Datasheets, PDF

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BD37A19FVM_13 Voltage Detector ICs with Watchdog Timer Built-in watchdog timer

ON Semiconductor
NCV8141_06 5.0 V, 500 mA Linear Regulator with ENABLE, RESET, and Watchdog

EM Microelectronic - MA...
EM6156 5V 120mA Automotive LDO Regulator with Watchdog

Axiomtek Co., Ltd.
EBOX630-850-FL Watchdog Timer

Micrel Semiconductor
MAX823 Voltage Supervisor with Watchdog Timer and Manual Reset

STM632X 5-pin supervisor with watchdog timer and push-button reset

Xicor Inc.
X25043 Programmable Watchdog Supervisory E2PROM

Analog Devices
ADM823 Supervisory Circuits with Watchdog and Manual Reset in 5-Lead SC70 and SOT-23

NXP Semiconductors
LM75A Digital temperature sensor and thermal Watchdog

Catalyst Semiconductor
CAT1021_07 Supervisory Circuits with I2C Serial 2k-bit CMOS EEPROM, Manual Reset and Watchdog Timer
CAT823_08 System Supervisory Voltage Reset with Watchdog and Manual Reset

ON Semiconductor
NCV8518B Low Dropout Linear Regulator with Watchdog, Wake Up, RESET, and ENABLE
NCV8881PWR2G 1.5A Automotive Buck Regulator with Watchdog

Global Mixed-mode Techn...
G753 High Accuracy Digital Temperature Sensor and Thermal Watchdog with Two-Wire Interface

Monolithic Power System...
MPQ2420-AEC1 75V, 0.3A, Synchronous Step-Down Converter with Watchdog AEC-Q100 Qualified

ATMEL Corporation
AT43USB320A Missed Watchdog Timer Reset

Cherry Semiconductor Co...
CS8140 5V, 500mA Linear Regulator with ENABLE, , and Watchdog RESET

EM Microelectronic - MA...
H6061 3 V Self Recovering Watchdog

STCN75 Digital temperature sensor and thermal watchdog

Torex Semiconductor
XC6121_1 Voltage Detector with Watchdog Function and ON/OFF Control (VDF=1.6V~5.0V)

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