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TUNED Datasheets, PDF

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Motorola, Inc
MC44BC375 PLL Tuned VHF Audio/ Video High Integration Modulator ICs

Siemens Semiconductor G...
BB439 Silicon Variable Capacitance Diode (For VHF tuned circuit applications High figure of merit)

American Accurate Compo...
JXWBSJ-T-2000-4000-50D Electrically Tuned Attenuator

NXP Semiconductors
TEA5762 Self Tuned Radio STR

List of Unclassifed Man...
DELTA-5 Tuned to specific frequency

Freescale Semiconductor...
MC33493DTBR2 PLL Tuned UHF Transmitter for Data Transfer Applications

NXP Semiconductors
TEA5757 Self Tuned Radio STR

Freescale Semiconductor...
MC33493 PLL Tuned UHF Transmitter for Data Transfer

American Accurate Compo...
JXWBSJ-T-500-1000-50D Electrically Tuned Attenuator

Freescale Semiconductor...
MC33696 PLL Tuned UHF Transceiver for Data Transfer Applications
MC44CC375AV PLL Tuned VHF (Channel 3 / 4)Audio / Video Modulator
MC44BS374T1 PLL Tuned UHF and VHF Audio/Video High Integration Modulator
MC44BC375 PLL Tuned VHF Audio/Video High Integration Modulator ICs

BOWEI Integrated Circui...
DVT30-90 Miniature Digitally Tuned Filters

Motorola, Inc
MC33594 PLL Tuned UHF Receiver for Data Transfer Applications

Pulse A Technitrol Comp...
KG406UD Outside coupler and factory tuned whip only for KG UHF glass mount antennas

Motorola, Inc
MC33493 PLL tuned UHF Transmitter for Data Transfer Applications

Laird Tech Smart Techno...
Y4505 Every Yagi is tuned on a network analyzer for best power match and lowest VSWR

Freescale Semiconductor...
MC44BC375UA PLL Tuned VHF Audio/Video High Integration IC

BOWEI Integrated Circui...
LBM017A-85 Digitally tuned Hopping filter

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