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SECURE Datasheets, PDF

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SCS200 Secure Shell (SSH) access provides strong authentication and secure communications

ST33G1M2 Secure MCU with 32-bit ARM® SecurCore SC300 CPU and high-density Flash memory

Catalyst Semiconductor
CAT33C804A 4K-Bit Secure Access Serial E2PROM

ATMEL Corporation
AT90SC6436RT Secure Microcontroller for Smart Cards
AT90SC6404RT_05 Secure Microcontroller for Smart Cards

Maxim Integrated Produc...
MAXQ1851 DeepCover Secure Microcontroller with Fast Wipe Technology and Cryptography

HSS-B20-085H solder pin for secure PCB mounting

Infineon Technologies A...
SLE66R35 Secure Mobile Solutions

ATMEL Corporation
AT90SC12836RCFT Secure Microcontroller for Smart Cards

Xicor Inc.
X76F102 The X76F102 is a Password Access Security Supervisor, containing one 896-bit Secure SerialFlash array

ATMEL Corporation
AT90SC1650U Secure Microcontroller for Smart Cards

NXP Semiconductors
P5CC008V1A Secure contact PKI smart card controller

Microchip Technology
SEC2410 HS Endpoint Processor with USB 2.0, Smart Card, and FMC for Secure Token and Storage

ATMEL Corporation
AT945 Secure 5K - 40K Gates of AT40K FPGA with 8-bit Microcontroller,up to 36 Kbytes of SRAM and On-chip Program Storage EEPROM

X76F200 Secure Serial Flash

Maxim Integrated Produc...
MAXQ1850 Secure Cryptographic Controller with Rapid Zeroization Technology

ATMEL Corporation
AT90SC144144CT Secure Microcontroller for Smart Cards

NXP Semiconductors
A7001AG Secure authentication microcontroller 100 kbit/s I2C slave interface

ORing Industrial Networ...
IDS-312L Industrial secure serial port to Ethernet device server

ATMEL Corporation
AT90SC6464C-USB Secure Microcontroller

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