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RTC Datasheets, PDF

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Texas Instruments
BQ3285E_15 Real-Time Clock (RTC)

Maxim Integrated Produc...
MAX11358B 16-Bit Data-Acquisition System with ADC, DAC, UPIOs, RTC, Voltage Monitors, and Temp Sensor

Golledge Electronics Lt...
RV3049C2_18 RTC SPI Bus

M41ST85W_07 3.0/3.3V I2C combination serial RTC, NVRAM supervisor and microprocessor supervisor

Texas Instruments
BQ3285ED_16 Real-Time Clock (RTC)

M41T256Y_07 256Kbit (32K x 8) serial RTC

ATMEL Corporation
AT73C224-H_14 Ultra-low Power Real-time Clock (RTC) and Backup Battery Management

Maxim Integrated Produc...
DS1340 I2C RTC with Trickle Charger
DS3234_10 Extremely Accurate SPI Bus RTC with Integrated Crystal and SRAM

M41TC8025 Highly accurate, temperature-compensated serial real-time clock (RTC) with embedded crystal
M41T94 512 Bit 64 bit x8 SERIAL RTC SPI SRAM

Maxim Integrated Produc...
DS1672_11 I2C 32-Bit Binary Counter RTC

Intersil Corporation
ISL1209 Low Power RTC with Battery Backed SRAM and Event Detection

M41T00AUD_12 Serial real-time clock (RTC) with audio

National Semiconductor ...
LV8572A LV8572A Low Voltage Real Time Clock (RTC)

Intersil Corporation
ISL12022M_10 Low Power RTC with Battery Backed SRAM,Integrated ±5ppm Temperature Compensation and Auto Daylight Saving

Renesas Technology Corp
ISL1208 I2C Real Time Clock/Calendar, Low Power RTC with Battery Backed SRAM

Maxim Integrated Produc...
MAXQ3100 Mixed-Signal Microcontroller with Analog Comparators, LCD, and RTC

Intersil Corporation
ISL12020MIRZ-T7A Low Power RTC with Battery Backed SRAM, Integrated ±5ppm Temperature Compensation and Auto Daylight Saving

Cymbet Corporation
DS-72-35 EnerChip™ RTC Evaluation Kit

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