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PROTECT Datasheets, PDF

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TLP606 6-outlet, 6-ft cord, 790 joule strip - Protect It! Surge Suppressor

1SMB10CAT3G The 1SMB10CAT3Gv series is designed to protect voltage sensitive components from high voltage
SPLV2.8-4 The SPLV2.8-4 was designed to protect low voltage

Altech corporation
FUSECAT1 Miniature Fuses are typically used to protect electronic devices laboratory and measurement instruments, stereos

LF06A-P LINEARlight Flex Protect ADVANCED

SLVU2-8-4BTG-S The SLVU2.8-4BTG-S was designed to protect low voltage

2833725 Mechanical coding to protect against mismatching

Alpha & Omega Semicondu...
AOZ8231ADI-05 one-line bi-directional transient voltage suppressor diode designed to protect voltage sensitive electronics from high transient conditions and ESD.

Seiko Instruments Inc
S-24C02DI-J8T1U5 Write protect function during low power supply voltage

Abracon Corporation
AWCCA-50N50H30-C21-B High permeability shielding to protect sensitive electronics

Fairchild Semiconductor
NM34W02 2K-Bit Standard 2-Wire Bus Interface Serial EEPROM with Full Array Write Protect

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TLP602 6-outlet 2-ft cord 180 joules Protect It! Surge Suppressor

30KPAHRA The 30KPA-HR High Reliability Series is designed specifically to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by lightning and other transient voltage events

ATMEL Corporation
AT24CS128 2-Wire Serial EEPROMs with Permanent Software Write Protect

T10B080BXX T10B Series are SIDACtor® devices designed protect baseband equipment

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TLP2USBF Protect It 230V Surge Protector with 2 French/Belgian Outlets, 0.33M Cord, 380 Joules, French plug

2833686 Mechanical coding to protect against mismatching

NXP Semiconductors
PESD24VS1UA115 Unidirectional ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) protection diode in a SOD323 (SC-76) very small Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic package designed to protect one signal line from the damage caused by ESD and other transients.

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TLP82MASD Protect It 230V Surge Protector with 8-Schuko Type F Outlets, German Plug, 1140 Joules, Coax/Network Protection

ON Semiconductor
CAT24S128 128 Kb I2C CMOS Serial EEPROM with Software Write Protect

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