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OTP Datasheets, PDF

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Macronix International
MX27C1610 16M-BIT [2M x 8/1M x 16] CMOS OTP ROM

National Semiconductor ...
COP8SE 8-Bit CMOS ROM Based and OTP Microcontrollers with 4k Memory and 128 Bytes EERAM

LinkCom Manufacturing C...
LCCH-150X360 AC Input 90~305Vac SCP / OTP / OVP

Holtek Semiconductor In...
HT82A520R_11 Full Speed USB 8-Bit OTP MCU with SPI
HT45R38 C/R to F Type 8-Bit OTP MCU

NXP Semiconductors
P87LPC761 Low power, low price, low pin count (16 pin) microcontroller with 2 kbyte OTP

M27C800 8 Mbit 1Mb x8 or 512Kb x16 UV EPROM and OTP EPROM
M27C2001-12C1 2 Mbit (256Kb x 8) UV EPROM and OTP EPROM

Zilog, Inc.

M87C257_06 Address Latched 256 Kbit (32Kb x8) UV EPROM and OTP EPROM

List of Unclassifed Man...
MDT75C271 The MDT75C271 is an OTP Encoder using CMOS technology.

ATMEL Corporation
AT27BV010 1 Megabit 128K x 8 Unregulated Battery-Voltage OTP CMOS EPROM

Holtek Semiconductor In...
HT56R66_14 TinyPower A/D Type with LCD 8-Bit OTP MCU

LinkCom Manufacturing C...
LCCE-013X351 AC Input 90~305Vac OVP / OTP / SCP

Holtek Semiconductor In...
HT45R37V TinyPower C/R-F Type 8-Bit OTP MCU

National Semiconductor ...
COP87L88KG 8-Bit One-Time Programmable (OTP) Microcontroller with UART and Three Multi-Function Timers

ELAN Microelectronics C...
EM78P451S 8-Bit Microcontroller with OTP ROM

LinkCom Manufacturing C...
LCCH-150X300 AC Input 90~305Vac SCP / OTP / OVP

Holtek Semiconductor In...
HT46R01T3 8-Bit OTP MCU with RF Transmitter
HT45R34 C/R to F Type 8-Bit OTP MCU

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