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Fair-Rite Products Corp...
2643022401 Broadband Frequencies 25-300 MHz

Ironwood Electronics.
SBT-BGA-6523 Excellent signal integrity at high frequencies

Infineon Technologies A...
BTF50060-1TEA Smart High-Side Power Switch, One Channel High PWM Frequencies

Ironwood Electronics.
SS-BGA1294A-01 Excellent signal integrity at high frequencies

RTP21070-20 The RTP21070-20 is designed for RF system application frequencies from 2110MHz to 2170MHz, with high gain.

Golledge Electronics Lt...
GVXO-38P VCXO - Complementary PECL output at ultra high frequencies

Fair-Rite Products Corp...
2643002201 Broadband Frequencies 25-300 MHz

List of Unclassifed Man...
ANT-DB1-LP-RM-01-N The Antenna Factor Log Periodic antenna is designed for long-distance directional communication over a wide range of frequencies.

Analog Devices
ADA4412-3 Integrated Triple Video Filter with Selectable Cutoff Frequencies for RGB, HD/SD

Fair-Rite Products Corp...
2661000301 Higher Frequencies 250-1000 MHz

Ironwood Electronics.
SBT-BGA-6038 Excellent signal integrity at high frequencies
CBT-QFN-7025 Excellent signal integrity at high frequencies

Continental Device Indi...
CN450 General Purpose Transistors designed for Small and Medium Signal Amplification from D.C to Radio Frequencies

Fair-Rite Products Corp...
2643250402 Broadband Frequencies 25-300 MHz

Ironwood Electronics.
SBT-BGA-6528 Excellent signal integrity at high frequencies

New Jersey Semi-Conduct...
2N1651 DAP transistors are de-signed for efficient high current switching at high frequencies

MMD Components
MVQIL2 User Selectable Up to Two Frequencies

Mercury United Electron...
MB62T Custom frequencies can easily be configued

2885236 Digital expansion module with 2 digital outputs for output of pulses and frequencies

Fair-Rite Products Corp...
2643004601 Broadband Frequencies 25-300 MHz

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