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DIE Datasheets, PDF

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Tyco Electronics
408-2592 Each crimping die consists of a stationary die, amoving die, and two die holding screws
408-8737 The die assembly consists of an indenter die and nest die. Each die is held in the tool by a single screw
408-8697 Each die assembly consists of a nest die and an anvil die.

TE Connectivity Ltd
408-32122 The die assembly features an anvil die and a crimper die

Infineon Technologies A...
TLE5009A16 Available as single die and dual die with separate supplies for each die

Tyco Electronics
408-10256 The die set is a replaceable die assembly with three crimping areas which are marked with the letters R,B,and Y.
408-10176 The tool consists of a head with a stationary die holder and moving die holder and handles with a ratchet.

GVA-63-D Monolithic Amplifier Die
XLF-73-D Low Pass Filter Die
TSS-53LNB-D Low Noise Bypass Amplifier Die

CRIMPFOX-M-CX-2 Die, for Crimpfox-M, for coaxial connectors (BNC/TNC) RG 58/ 59/ 62/ 71, packed in a serial storage box

MDB-44H-D Double Balanced Mixer Die
XLF-252-D Low Pass Filter Die

CRIMPFOX-M-FO Die, for Crimpfox‑M, for coaxial / fiber optics connectors: ST/ SC/ SMA/ SMB/ SFR/ packed in a serial storage box

MDB-73H-D Wideband Double Balanced Mixer Die

9725 Mit Hilfe dieser Software können Sie die Datenanalyse direkt an Ihrem Windows-PC durchführen

PGA-103-D Monolithic Amplifier Die
EP2C-D Power Splitter/Combiner Die

S4002 N-channel SiC power MOSFET bare die

Analog Devices
ADT7312 Digital SPI Temperature Sensor in Die Form

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