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Cooper Bussmann, Inc.
CTX047-1P-R Surface mount magnetics that can be used as singleor coupled inductors or 1:1 transformers that provide isolation between two windings

List of Unclassifed Man...
PMOD8LD The Pmod8LD has eight high-bright LEDs that are driven by logic-level transistors so each LED can be illuminated with a logic high signal that provides less than 1mA of current.

DCSA The DCSA Series is a loop-powered, linear output current transducer that provides an output that is directly proportional to the RMS AC current passing through the LCSC10T12 sensor

Advanced Thermal Soluti...
ATS-54270D-C1-R0_17 High aspect ratio, straight fin heat sinks that are ideal for compact PCB environments

List of Unclassifed Man...
L1T2-3070000000000_14 Extreme efficacy that will transform your next market leading luminaire

P1553AALXX The series provides a single port through-hole solution that enables voice

Advanced Thermal Soluti...
ATS-54150D-C1-R0_17 High aspect ratio, straight fin heat sinks that are ideal for compact PCB environments

E-Tech Electronics LTD
GMPSA94S The GMPSA94S is designed for application that requires high voltage

Ralston Instruments.
XH0V-0000 Portable hand operated hydraulic pumps that easily generate up to 5000 psi

Lumileds Lighting Compa...
DS168 Fashion retail lighting that makes an impact, revealing the whitest whites

Ralston Instruments.
QSQS-HOS-50FT Microbore hoses that provide a very quick, low volume, high pressure way of connecting to any pressure instrumentation, hand pump, calibration source or device under test

Aplus Intergrated Circu...
AVM1504D single-chip 3 channels timbre generator that can synthesize

TDK Electronics
MLK1005S1N0ST000 With the adoption of a giga-spiral laminated structure, a self-resonant frequency higher than that of the MLG structure can be obtained,

Texas Instruments
LM5574 LM5574-Q1 is an Automotive Grade Product that is AEC-Q100 Grade 1 Qualified (−40°C to + 125°C Operating Junction Temperature)

2900932 Please be informed that the data shown in this PDF Document is generated from our Online Catalog

Micro Electronics
GT-2X GT-2X Series are small gifts that can be used as mini torches. They can give out white light

HSMF-C116 Suitable for application that requires small pitch size

BDXXKA5-E low-saturation regulators that are available for output currents up to 500mA.

Microsemi Corporation
LX1736 VREF @ 800mV, 900mA, 1.0MHZ PWM a Current Mode PWM Buck regulator that switches to PFM mode under light loads

Advanced Thermal Soluti...
ATS-54270W-C1-R0_17 High aspect ratio, straight fin heat sinks that are ideal for compact PCB environments

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