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Cooper Bussmann, Inc.
CTX047-1P-R Surface mount magnetics that can be used as singleor coupled inductors or 1:1 transformers that provide isolation between two windings

List of Unclassifed Man...
PMOD8LD The Pmod8LD has eight high-bright LEDs that are driven by logic-level transistors so each LED can be illuminated with a logic high signal that provides less than 1mA of current.

DCSA The DCSA Series is a loop-powered, linear output current transducer that provides an output that is directly proportional to the RMS AC current passing through the LCSC10T12 sensor

King blillion Electroni...
HE83R125 This chip is suitable for the applications that require higher performance

Advanced Thermal Soluti...
ATS-54300W-C1-R0_17 High aspect ratio, straight fin heat sinks that are ideal for compact PCB environments

Ralston Instruments.
QSQS-HOS-6FT Microbore hoses that provide a very quick, low volume, high pressure way of connecting to any pressure instrumentation, hand pump, calibration source or device under test

New Jersey Semi-Conduct...
1N5283 current regulator diodes are circuit elements that provide a current essentially independent of voltage

Tyco Electronics
408-4404 The tool features a tool frame with a stationary jaw and handle, a moving jaw, a moving handle, and an adjustable ratchet that ensures full contact crimping.

World Produts Inc.
WPANTDP086-R1A This is a high gain MIMO Panel antenna that operates in the 5.5 GHz Wi-Fi / WLAN band

P1100GALRP The series provides a cost-effective through-hole solution that enables

Advanced Thermal Soluti...
ATS-54170R-C1-R0_17 High aspect ratio, straight fin heat sinks that are ideal for compact PCB environments

List of Unclassifed Man...
IS15DSBFP4RGB Switches that make you smarter

Omron Electronics LLC
WT30 Construct a Wireless System for ON/OFF Data Collection That Is Ideal for Monitoring Production Site Equipment

Molex Electronics Ltd.
19029-0181 Conductor Punch (Upper) for ASP Press that Process Metal Strip Product

Anaren Microwave
A1101R04C_0 Low-power RF modules, firmware & development tools that make it easy to ’go wireless

2707482 Optional bus connector that is either integrated or mounted on the DIN rail

Pentair plc. All rights...

AN3133 A real-time clock is a computer clock that keeps track of the current time

Freescale Semiconductor...
MKL25Z32VFM4 Part numbers for the chip have fields that identify the specific part.

List of Unclassifed Man...
EE-SB5M Photomicrosensor with 80-mA Switching Capacity that can be Built into Equipment

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