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SUPPORTS Datasheets, PDF

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ZKS-400WX-A 400W AC-DC ATX Power Supply supports 400W AC-DC ATX Power Supply supports

Axiomtek Co., Ltd.
NA-340 Supports BIOS redirected to COM port

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PL2303EA Supports remote wake-up from MODEM input signals

RPM870-H14 IrDA wireless communication transceiver IC (supports Ver. 1.2 Low Power)

Protech Systems Co., Lt...
PSB-831LF Supports Trusted Platform Module

ATMEL Corporation
STK503 Supports the ATmega2560, ATmega1280 and ATmega640

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561-DSP125 PCB Supports, DSP Series

Bothhand USA, LP.
G4P109N-C-LF Supports 16 pairs of category 5 UTP cable

AAEON Technology
9741666643 Supports Standard 2.5” Hard Disk Drive

Integrated Silicon Solu...
IS66WVD1M16ALL Single device supports asynchronous and burst operation

Axiomtek Co., Ltd.
P1158-831 Supports dimming control
PICO121 1 DDR3/3L SO-DIMM supports up to 8 GB memory capacity
NA-810C Supports VRAID function
OPS885 Supports DDR3L-1600 SO-DIMM 1600 max. up to 8 GB
EBOX660-872-FL-DH Supports VGA and DisplayPort for dual display

RPM851A IrDA wireless communication transceiver IC (supports Ver.1.0)

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IPPC19A9-RE Supports 2nd/3rd Generation Intel® CoreTM Processor

Texas Instruments
TFP403_13 Supports Pixel Rates Up to 165MHz (Including 1080p and WUXGA at 60 Hz)

Altera Corporation
EP1C6Q240C8N Supports configuration through low-cost serial configuration device

Integrated Silicon Solu...
IS66WVC1M16ALL Mixed Mode supports asynchronous write and synchronous read operation

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