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RTC Datasheets, PDF

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Intersil Corporation
ISL12022M_09 Low Power RTC with Battery Backed SRAM, Integrated ±5ppm Temperature Compensation, and Auto Daylight Saving

List of Unclassifed Man...

Intersil Corporation
ISL1218 Low Power RTC with Battery Backed SRAM

STM8L152R6T6 8-bit ultralow power MCU, up to 64 KB Flash + 2 KB data EEPROM, RTC, LCD, timers, USARTs, I2C, SPIs, ADC, DAC, comparators

Texas Instruments
BQ4285 Real-Time Clock RTC With NVRAM Control

Princeton Technology Co...
PT6397 32 Bits VFD Driver Controller with RTC IC

Renesas Technology Corp
ISL12058 Low Cost and Low Power I2C-Bus Real Time Clock/Calendar Low Power and Low Cost RTC with Alarm Function

Analog Devices
ADE5166_09 Single-Phase Energy Measurement IC with 8052 MCU, RTC, and LCD Driver

Golledge Electronics Lt...
RV3029C3_18 RTC I C bus

Maxim Integrated Produc...
MAX6900 I2C-Compatible RTC in a TDFN
DS1904_11 Real-Time Clock/calendar in binary format RTC iButton Over 10 years of operation

Golledge Electronics Lt...
RV4162C7_18 RTC I C bus

M41T93_08 Serial SPI bus RTC with battery switchover

Texas Instruments
BQ4285_14 Real-Time Clock (RTC) With NVRAM Control

SyncMOS Technologies,In...
SM89T16R1_06 8-Bits Micro-controller With 64KB Flash ROM & 1KB RAM & Two UART & RTC & ADC & PWM embedded

Analog Devices
ADE7156_15 Single-Phase Energy Measurement IC with 8052 MCU, RTC, and LCD Driver

Texas Instruments
BQ3285LF Y2K-Enhanced Real-Time Clock (RTC)

Maxim Integrated Produc...
DS1340_11 I2C RTC with Trickle Charger

Intersil Corporation
ISL1209_06 Low Power RTC with Battery Backed SRAM and Event Detection

Cymbet Corporation
RX-8564 Epson RX-8564 RTC Power Backup with EnerChip Battery

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