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Aavid, Thermal Division...
573400D00010 For use with Surface Mount packages

Linear Technology
LTC1286 Micropower Sampling 12-Bit A/D Converters In S0-8 Packages

4514 Multimedia interfaces for infotainment packages

STP1N105K3 N-channel 1050 V, 8 Ω typ., 1.4 A SuperMESH3™ Power MOSFET in TO-220FP, TO-3PF and TO-220 packages

NXP Semiconductors
PMEG6002EB115 Planar Maximum Efficiency General Application (MEGA) Schottky barrier rectifiers with an integrated guard ring for stress protection, encapsulated in ultra small and flat lead Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic packages

Texas Instruments
TPS61165_10 High Brightness White LED Driver in 2mm x 2mm QFN and SOT-23 Packages

Aavid, Thermal Division...
576802B04000 For use with TO-220 packages
507102B00000 For use with TO-220 packages

Ledil, Inc.
CA16672 ~9° spot beam beam. Optimized for high-power 3535 size LED packages. Assembly with holder and installation tape.

Wall Industries,Inc.
RGW2 2 - 1 Wide Input Voltage Range DIP and SMT Packages

CTS Corporation
ATS073BSM Standard HC-49/US thru-hole and HC-49/US-SM surface mount Packages

STP24N60M2 N-channel 600 V, 0.168 Ω typ., 18 A MDmesh II Plus™ low Qg Power MOSFET in D2PAK, I2PAK, TO-220 and TO-247 packages

Actel Corporation
BPW049-0830-07CB95 SE-CSG49, E-Tec lead free prototype socket drawing for CSG49 and CSG49 packages

Acutechnology Semicondu...
AQ200 3ºC Accurate with Hysteresis 120ºC Thermostat SOT23, TO-92, PSOT23-6, SC70 Packages

Aavid, Thermal Division...
573100D00000 For use with Surface Mount packages

International Rectifier
OM2990 Three Terminal, Fixed Voltage, Low Dropout Negative Voltage Regulator In Hermetic Packages

Texas Instruments
TPS746-Q1_V01 TPS746-Q1 1-A LDO With Power-Good in Small Wettable Flank WSON Packages

Keysight Technologies
N8832A Data Analysis Software Packages

Texas Instruments
TLV3502AIDG4 4.5ns Rail-to-Rail, High-Speed Comparator in Microsize Packages

COSMO Electronics Corp...
KLH00WXX4 Cosmo’s high power LED packages can handle up to 350-500mA DC current

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