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Monolithic Power System...
MP5013E 5V, 2A, Programmable Current-Limit Switch with Over-Voltage Clamp and Slew Rate Control in a TSOT23-8

ON Semiconductor
FPF2280 Over-Voltage Protection Load Switch

Monolithic Power System...
MP5010B 3V-18V, 1A-5A Programmable-Current- Limit Switch with Over-Voltage Clamp

2PRO The 2Pro product is an integrated overcurrent over-voltage protection device

ON Semiconductor
NCP3901 Dual Channel Over-Voltage Protection Load Switch

Fairchild Semiconductor
FAN3988 USB/Charger and Over-Voltage Detection Device

Skyworks Solutions Inc.
SKY77594 Current limiting for over-voltage protection and extended battery life

ON Semiconductor
FPF2595 Over-Voltage, Over-Current Protection Load Switch

Integrated Device Techn...
IDT74CBTLV3257_08 LOW-VOLTAGE QUAD 2:1MUX/DEMUX BUS SWITCH Over-voltage tolerant

Harris Corporation
SP720 Electronic Protection Array for ESD and Over-Voltage Protection

ON Semiconductor
FPF2495 Dual Channel Over-Voltage Protection Load Switch
FSA3051 High Performance SPDT Analog Switch with Over-Voltage Tolerance

SynQor Worldwide Headqu...
PQ40150QGX07 Output over-voltage protection protects load from damaging voltages

ON Semiconductor
FPF2487 Dual Channel Over-Voltage Protection Load Switch

Skyworks Solutions Inc.
SKY77596 Current limiting for over-voltage protection and extended battery life

SynQor Worldwide Headqu...
MQME-28E-T6 Input over-voltage shutdown

List of Unclassifed Man...
SG3423 Over-Voltage Sensing Circuit

CLT3-4B Current limited over-voltage protected quad digital termination

SynQor Worldwide Headqu...
BQ57090QZB84 Output over-voltage protection

Texas Instruments
BQ24350 Over-Voltage and Over-Current Charger Front-end Protection IC With Integrated Charging FET

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