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IDEAL Datasheets, PDF

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Linear Technology
LTC4355_15 Positive High Voltage Ideal Diode-OR with Input Supply and Fuse Monitors

Texas Instruments
CGS74LCT2524 Ideal for Low Power/Low Noise High Speed Applications, Ensured:– 300 ps Pin-to-Pin Skew (tOSHL and tOSLH)

Linear Technology
LTC4235 Dual 12V Ideal Diode-OR and Single Hot Swap Controller with Current Monitor

Vishay Siliconix
VSSB410S-M3 Ideal for automated placement

GBJ806L Ideal for printed circuit board

Pan Jit International I...
SVC10120VB Ideal for automated placement

List of Unclassifed Man...
PONE-000-01 The ideal device for simple nodes, such as switches, actuators and sensor

Advanced Thermal Soluti...
ATS-54270K-C1-R0_17 High aspect ratio, straight fin heat sinks that are ideal for compact PCB environments

Mospec Semiconductor
GBJ25A Ideal for printed circuit boards

Linear Technology
LTC4225-1_15 Dual Ideal Diode and Hot Swap Controller

Advanced Crystal Techno...
ACT225SMX-4_12 ideal for fitting on high density boards

Omron Electronics LLC
G2AK Magnetic Latching Version of G2A Ideal for Sequence Control

NZ2520SDA Ultra low phase noise make this product ideal for High quality audio.

GBU806F Ideal for printed circuit board

Mercury United Electron...
HSR14 High purity and low total harmonic distortion. Ideal for audio modulation applications

Linear Technology
LTC4352 Low Voltage Ideal Diode Controller with Monitoring
LTC4359HDCB 12V/20A Ideal Diode with Reverse Input Protection

Ohmite Mfg. Co.
RES-TFS Ideal to replace standard carbon com-position resistors

Omron Electronics LLC
E3SR31 Ideal for Detecting Glass Wafers and Other Transparent Objects

SunLED Corporation
XZM2CRK168WA Ideal for indication light on hand held products

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