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JMK Inc.
KK-1900-30 This filter is designed to operate in power disdribution units or in systems designed to meet FCC or IEC requirements.

Lumins Inc.
TR1750 LED heat sink specifically designed to optimize heat dissipation

jb Capacitors Company
JCS Designed for surface mounting on high density circuit board

CX11SMAT Designed for infrared, vapour phase or epoxy mounting

CSB Battery Co., Ltd.
HR12120W specially designed for high efficient discharge application

1837653 Designed for integration into the SMT soldering process

Laird Tech Smart Techno...
BTM44X modules from Laird Technologies have been designed to meet the needs of developers

E-Tech Electronics LTD
GBC328 The GBC328 is designed for drive and output-stages of audio amplifiers

THine Electronics, Inc.
THCV220 THCV220 is designed to support video data transmission between the host and display.

STEVAL-MKI010V1 LIS3L02AS4 adapter board designed to be plugged into a standard DIL 20 socket

Murata Manufacturing Co...
SF1186G Designed for Front End GPS Applications

List of Unclassifed Man...
1351704 Beldens .050 pitch gray ribbon cable was designed for general purpose electronic interconnect applications
MR-828 MR series elements are designed for applications where high vibration resistance as well as high temperature stability are vital

MAGIC9 specifically designed for LED lighting applications for AC power system

Torex Semiconductor
XB15A204 The XB15A204 PIN diode employs a high reliability glass package that is designed for RF small signal attenuators in VHF, UHF appliances

SLD8S The SLD8S Series is SMTO-263 packaged with leaded modification and is designed to provide precision overvoltage protection for sensitive electronics

Micropac Industries
66212 Designed to be proton radiation tolerant

International Rectifier
IRS2003STRPBF Floating channel designed for bootstrap operation

ELLS-405GWA large 10.00 mm (0.39") high seven segment display designed for viewing distances up to 7 meters

Samsung semiconductor
KS57C4104 The KS57C4104/KS57C4204/KS57C4304 single-chip CMOS microcontroller has been designed for very high performance using Samsungs newest 4-bit CPU core, S

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