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Microchip Technology
MCP16322 This chapter contains general information that will be useful to know before using the MCP16322 Evaluation Board. Items discussed in this chapter include:

AN3128 This library is a firmware package which contains a collection

IK Semicon Co., Ltd
IN74LS14 This device contains six independent gates each of which performs the logic INVERT function

Zilog, Inc.
Z51F0811 The Z51F0811 Evaluation Board contains the following components

Hitachi Semiconductor

Estek Electronics Co. L...
LM358 contains two independent high gain operational amplifiers with internal compensation

M/A-COM Technology Solu...
MAAD-007079 Contains Internal DC to DC Converter

Crydom Inc.,
HK1 HK1 contains 2 SSR mounting screws 8-32 x 3/8

Texas Instruments
ADS1148EVM Contains all support circuitry needed for the ADS1148/ADS1248

Altera Corporation
DE2-115 The DE2-115 package contains all components needed to use the DE2-115 board in conjunction with a computer that runs the Microsoft Windows OS.

Future Technology Devic...
FT905 The FT905 series contains FT905, FT906, FT907 and FT908 which is a complete System-On-Chip 32-bit RISC microcontroller for embedded applications featuring a high level of integration and low power consumption.

List of Unclassifed Man...
7490 Package Contains a Divide-by-Two and a Divide-by-Five Counter

M/A-COM Technology Solu...
MAAD-007077_15 Contains Internal DC to DC Converter

Roithner LaserTechnik G...
RLT1080-10G RLT1080-10G is a Laser Diode emitting at 1080 nm with rated output power of 10 mW CW at room temperature. The 9 mm TO package includes a cap and flat window, and contains a built in monitor PD

Texas Instruments
ADS1146EVM Contains all support circuitry needed for the ADS1146/ADS1246

Bothhand USA, LP.
S5815-LF Dual SMT package contains both transmit & receive transformers.

Laird Tech Smart Techno...
66T0154-70P Steward This document contains information which is proprietary to Steward

2700949 In addition to the basic functions, the Pro version of WebVisit contains the following macros

IK Semicon Co., Ltd
IN74LS04 This device contains six independent inverts

P1TX6B-SX51-02A The TX Data Module contains a 30 pin connector (DF12-30DS-0.5V(86)). For information on the specifications of the mating connector (DF12(4.0)-30DP-0.5V(86)), contact Hirose.

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