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CLAMPING Datasheets, PDF

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LTKAK10 The LTKAK10 series offer superior clamping characteristics over standard S.A.D. technologies by virtue of the Littelfuse Foldbak technology, which provides a clamping voltage lower than the avalanche voltage

0478900000 PCB terminal, Clamping yoke connection, PCB terminal, Clamping yoke connection, mm², Pitch: 10.16 mm, No. of poles: 3, 180°, Box

Texas Instruments
TPD1E1B04 1-Channel ESD Protection Diode with Low R(DYN) and Low Clamping Voltage
ESD351 1-Channel 30 kV ESD Protection Diode with Low Clamping Voltage in 0402 Package

NTE Electronics
NTE4828 Surge Clamping, Transient Overvoltage Suppressor Unidirectional

B25556-J3905-K003 MPK DC Capacitors GTO Clamping

Sangdest Microelectroni...
SMAJ Excellent Clamping Capability

Siemens Semiconductor G...
BAS40W Silicon Schottky Diode (General-purpose diodes for high-speed switching Circuit protection Voltage clamping)

ON Semiconductor
NZQA6V8AXV5T2G Transient Voltage Suppressors ESD Protection Diode with Low Clamping Voltage

BL1511BSO Transparent Input Clamping

Infineon Technologies A...
ESD105-B1-02ELS Low Capacitance & Low Clamping Bi-directional ESD / Transient Protection Diodes

Intersil Corporation
EL2257 125MHz Single Supply, Clamping Op Amp

ACPL-332J-000E 2.5 Amp Output Current IGBT Gate Driver Optocoupler with Integrated (VCE) Desaturation Detection, UVLO Fault Status Feedback and Active Miller Clamping

Texas Instruments
ESD224 Low Clamping 4-Channel ESD Protection Device for HDMI Interface

Fairchild Semiconductor
HGTP14N36G3VL 14A, 360V N-Channel, Logic Level, Voltage Clamping IGBTs

0393560000 PCB terminal, TOP connection, Soldered connection, Clamping range, max.: 2.5 mm², Pitch: 7.62 mm, No. of poles: 4, 90°, Box
0266500000 Special terminal, special connections, Clamping yoke, Busbar

Micro Commercial Compon...
ESDLC3V3D3B_13 3.3V-12Volts ESD Protection Device Low clamping voltage

NTE Electronics
NTE4903 Surge Clamping, Transient Overvoltage Suppressor Bidirectiona

Infineon Technologies A...
BAT54-02VH6327 For low-loss, fast-recovery, meter protection, bias isolation and clamping application

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