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36V Datasheets, PDF

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Monolithic Power System...
EV4430-L-00A 36V, 3.5A, Low Quiescent Current Synchronous Step-Down Convertor Evaluation Board

Linear Technology
LTC4416-1_15 36V, Low Loss Dual PowerPath Controllers for Large PFETs
LTM8022 1A, 36V DC/DC μModule

Texas Instruments
PT4484-48V 36V to 75V Input Voltage Range
OPA170_12 36V, Single-Supply, SOT553, Low-Power OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS

Monolithic Power System...
MPQ4485 36V, 6A, Step-Down Converter with Dual USB Charging Ports Supporting Type-C 5V 3A DFP Mode and BC1.2 CDP Mode for Automotive, AEC-Q100 Qualified

Linear Technology
LT3685EMSE 36V, 2A, 2.4MHz Step-Down Switching Regulator

Microsemi Corporation
3134-180P 180 Watts - 100μs, 10%, 36V S-Band Pulsed Radar 3100 - 3400 MHz

Monolithic Power System...
MPQ4420H High Efficiency 2A, 36V, Synchronous Step Down Converter AEC-Q100 Qualified
EV2496M-R-00A 2.5A, 36V, Frequency Selectable Step-Down Converter with Singel USB Charging Port

Texas Instruments
OPA170_15 36V, Single-Supply, SOT553, Low-Power OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS Value Line Series

Richtek Technology Corp...
RT2805A 5A, 36V, 500kHz Current Mode Asynchronous Step-Down Converter

BD63843EFV_12 Stepping Motor Driver series Micro step 36V Stepping Motor Drivers

Monolithic Power System...
MPQ4430 36V, 3.5A, Low Quiescent Current, Synchronous, Step-Down Converter AEC-Q100 Qualified
MP4462 3.5A, 4MHz, 36V Step-Down Converter

LM2903 36V Low Power Dual/Quad Differential Comparators

Texas Instruments
OPA209_15 2.2nV/√Hz, Low-Power, 36V, Operational Amplifier

National Semiconductor ...
LM5045 Input operating range: 36V to 75V Board size: 2.28 x 1.45 x 0.5 inches

MPS Industries, Inc.
MPQ2451GG-5-AEC1-Z 36V, 2.2MHz, 0.6A, Step-Down Converter AEC-Q100 Qualified

shenzhen wanhexing Elec...
AO4312 36V N-Channel MOSFET

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