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1CH Datasheets, PDF

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THine Electronics, Inc.
THV3056 3ch Buck/Boost 2ch CP 1ch HVLDO 1ch LVLDO Controller

Sanyo Semicon Device
LV8082LP_0712 Constant-voltage 1ch + Constant-current 1ch H-Bridge

BD9111NV 1ch DC/DC Converter IC built in Synchronous rectifier
BU3071HFV_08 Compact 1ch Clock Generators for Digital Cameras

Fuji Electric

Sanyo Semicon Device
LB1938FA Monolithic Digital IC 1ch, Low-saturation Forward/Reverse Motor Driver

BD9130NV-E2 2.7V to 5.5V, 2.0A 1ch Synchronous Buck Converter integrated FET

ON Semiconductor
LV56351HA 1ch DC/DC boost converter

BD8312HFN_15 1ch Synchronous Buck Converter Integrated MOSFET

Sanyo Semicon Device
LA6570 Monolithic Linear IC 5CH Driver (BTL : 4CH, H-Bridge : 1CH) for CD
LA42101 Monolithic Linear IC Audio Output for TV application 10W × 1ch Power Amplifier

BD2045AFJ_11 1ch High Side Switch ICs for USB Devices and Memory Cards
BD8960NV_12 2.7V to 5.5V, 2.0A 1ch Synchronous Buck Converter Integrated FET
BU15TA2WNVX_11 1ch 200mA CMOS LDO Regulators
BD9122GUL-E2 2.5V to 5.5V, 0.3A 1ch Synchronous Buck Converter integrated FET
BD8374HFP-M 50V 500mA 1ch Source Driver for Automotive

ON Semiconductor
STK404-140N-E 1ch class-AB Audio Power IC

BD90640HFP-CTR 1ch Step-Down Switching Regulator
BD3507HFV 1ch Series Regulator Driver IC
BD9140MUV 1ch DC/DC Converter IC built in synchronous rectifier

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