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Fabricante ElectrónicoNo. de piezavistaDescripción Electrónicos

eupec GmbH
FZ1200R33KL2 Hochstzulassige Werte / Maximum rated values

Kemet Corporation
C0603C12311RAC Surface Mount Ceramic Chip Capacitors Extended Values 0603, X7R Dielectric, 100 & 200 Volts

Ohmite Mfg. Co.
AW56GKE PulsEater Ceramic Composition Available in E12 Ohmic values

Vishay Siliconix
HTS High Ohmic Values (up to 100 G), High Voltage Resistors (up to 50 kV) Thick Film Technology
NTHS1206N06N2201JE Extended resistance values available in standard sizes, Allows design flexibility for use with hybrid circuitry

Coilcraft lnc.
XFL4020-102MEB XFL4020 Power Inductors, 5 values, 5 of each

eupec GmbH
BSM35GD120DLC IGBT-Module Maximum rated values

Texas Instruments
LMP7702MA-NOPB Unless Otherwise Noted, Typical Values at Vs = 5V

Coilcraft lnc.
C324A 0603CS Chip Inductors, 26 values, 10 of each

List of Unclassifed Man...
1789 Low Resistance Custom Resistor Networks with Values as Low as 0.5 ohm

KOA Speer Electronics, ...
X7R0402HTTP102K Available in high capacitance values (up to 100 μF)

eupec GmbH
FZ1800R12KL4C Hochstzulassige Werte / Maximum rated values

Ohmite Mfg. Co.
RES-TNP10 Values listed below; others on request

TE Connectivity Ltd
114-7010 All numerical values are in metric units

Coilcraft lnc.
DO3316P_12 High energy storage and very low resistance, Most values available with 10% tolerance

2702373 Measuring ranges adjusted with nominal characteristic values upon delivery
2901370 Storage module for intermediate storage of values (512 kB) for EEMMA600

Panasonic Semiconductor
ECQ-E1474KF3 The Type ECQ E series is using a dual side meta lized polyester film with high dielectric constant which makes it possible to produce large C values in small dimensions and is economical capacitor meeting high requirements for profes sional circut design

List of Unclassifed Man...
PF3123 Metal Alloy FilmResistors, 5Percent Tolerance Avallable in E24 Ohmic values

Coilcraft lnc.
PFL2510-151MEB PFL2510 and PFL2512 Power Inductors 13 values, 5 of each

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