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Caddock Electronics, In...
MP800_17 TO-220 Style and TO-126 Style - Non-Inductive Designs

Tensility International...
50-00041 Connector, 4C audio jack, 3.5x7.8xL25.8 mm, brass, nickel plated, molding style, molding style

Molex Electronics Ltd.
0192210562 Compression Style Ring Tongue Terminal for 8 AWG Wire, Stud Style Un-PlatedWide Pad

List of Unclassifed Man...
CS1 Style CS1 and Style CW

Gamewell-FCI by Honeywe...
AMM-4F Addressable monitor module single circuit, Style D, Class A or Style BC/A and B

Molex Electronics Ltd.
0528522070 1.00mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector, SMT, Right Angle, Non-ZIF, BottomContact Style Receptacle, 20 Circuits, Lead-free
0747521901 SFP+-to-SFP+ Passive Cable Assembly, 10Gbps, 30 AWG Cable, Pull-to-Release Plunger Style Latch, 9.0m Length
0850033330 2.54mm (.100) Pitch DIN 41612 C Style Male Header, Right Angle, Through Hole, 0.60μm (24μ) Selective Gold (Au) Plating, 96 Circuits, without Mounting Clips

HFCT-5305 Gigabit Ethernet: 1.25 GBd 1300 nm Laser Transceiver in Low Cost 1 x 9 Package Style

142.6185.410 TAC ATO STYLE BLADE FUSE RATED 58V Copper alloy, gal. Sn plated

Molex Electronics Ltd.
0192210456 Compression Style Ring Tongue Terminal for 4 AWG Wire, Stud Size PlatedWide Pad

Tensility International...
50-00043 Connector, 6.3xL50.8 mm 3 conductor audio plug, Au plated, molding style

Molex Electronics Ltd.
0522070960 1.00mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector, SMT, Right Angle, ZIF, Top Contact Style Receptacle, 9 Circuits, Lead-free, Gold Contact Plating, High Barrier Packaging

DDK Ltd.
N-SERIES N Style Coaxial Connector

Molex Electronics Ltd.
0850010488 2.54mm Pitch DIN 41612 B Style Male Header, PCT, Right Angle, ThroughHole, 0.30μm Selective Gold (Au) Plating, 64 Circuits, without Mounting ClipsNo Flux Proof


Molex Electronics Ltd.
0850139028 2.54mm Pitch DIN 41612 Header, Vertical, 3-Row C-Pin, Style R Male

Glenair, Inc.
380AS099XM08 Composite Cone and Ring Style

AVX Corporation
108457096003025 Male Style 1/2 B Series 8457 – 2 rows (2 x 16)

Molex Electronics Ltd.
0192210242 Compression Style Ring Tongue Terminal for 1/0 AWG Wire, Stud Size Plated

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