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Zilog, Inc.
Z84C0008VEG The extensive instruction set contains 158 instructions, instructions,including the 8080A instruction set as a subest

Texas Instruments
ADS1148EVM Contains all support circuitry needed for the ADS1148/ADS1248

Laird Tech Smart Techno...
66T0231-10P Laird This document contains information which is proprietary to laird

List of Unclassifed Man...
7490 Package Contains a Divide-by-Two and a Divide-by-Five Counter

Texas Instruments
SNJ54LS273J Contains Eight Flip-Flops With Single-Rail Outputs

Roithner LaserTechnik G...
RLT1080-10G RLT1080-10G is a Laser Diode emitting at 1080 nm with rated output power of 10 mW CW at room temperature. The 9 mm TO package includes a cap and flat window, and contains a built in monitor PD

Pasternack Enterprises,...
PE45262TR750 MMBX Jack Snap-On Connector Solder Attachment Surface Mount PCB, With Female Center Contact, 1 Reel Contains 750 pieces

Bothhand USA, LP.
S5815-LF Dual SMT package contains both transmit & receive transformers.

AN1528 The testflash is a ST reserved flash area that contains device information

IK Semicon Co., Ltd
IN74LS04 This device contains six independent inverts

Silicon Laboratories
AN616 This document contains a complete test report that describes

TE Connectivity Ltd
408-8552 This tool is shipped in kit form and consists of the holder base, the cutting base, and the cutter set gage. Refer to Figure 1 and Figure 4. The kit also contains two hex wrenches.

EM Microelectronic - MA...
EMDB65XX This board contains the different MFP’s

Texas Instruments
DAC5573EVM This document contains the following chapters

Pasternack Enterprises,...
PE45278TR1500 SMP Male Limited Detent Connector Solder Attachment Surface Mount PCB, With Pick Cap, 1 Reel Contains 1500 pieces

Recom International Pow...
R-REF03-CAN1 Contains R1SX-3.305/H - 3.3V to 5V 1W DC-DC converter with 3kVDC isolation

TN0235 This document contains a list of frequently

List of Unclassifed Man...
7404 Package contains six inverters

IK Semicon Co., Ltd
IN74LS86 This device contains four independent 2-input Exclusive-OR gates

Freescale Semiconductor...
MPC823 This document contains detailed information on power considerations, DC/AC electrical characteristics, and AC timing specifications for the MPC823.

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