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BUCK-BOOST Datasheets, PDF

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Linear Technology
LTM8054 36VIN, 5.4A Buck-Boost 36VIN, 5.4A Buck-Boost

Texas Instruments
BQ25703A I2C Multi-Chemistry Battery Buck-Boost Charge Controller With System Power Monitor and Processor Hot Monitor
TPS63000_15 TPS6300x High-Efficient Single Inductor Buck-Boost Converter With 1.8-A Switches

ams AG
AS1331_07 300mA Buck-Boost Synchronous DC/DC Converters

National Semiconductor ...
LM3354-37 Regulated 90mA Buck-Boost Switched Capacitor DC/DC

E-CMOS Corporation
EC3651 16V 3A 4-Switch Buck-Boost Converter

Linear Technology
LT3790 60V Four-Switch Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller

Vicor Corporation
PI3751-00-LGIZ 38 V to 60 Vin, 200 W Cool-Power ZVS Buck-Boost

Linear Technology
LTC3331_15 Nanopower Buck-Boost DC/DC with Energy Harvesting Battery Charger
LTC3530EMS Wide Input Voltage Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter

National Semiconductor ...
LM3668_0809 1A, High Efficiency Dual Mode Single Inductor Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter

Linear Technology
LTC3119 18V, 5A Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter

BD81A44MUV-M 4ch White LED Driver with Buck-Boost

Texas Instruments
TPS63050_16 Single Inductor Buck-Boost With 1-A Switches and Adjustable Soft Start

Linear Technology
LTM8055_15 36VIN, 8.5A Buck-Boost Module Regulator

Texas Instruments
LM3209-G3 LM3209-G3 PRODUCT BRIEF Seamless-Transition Buck-Boost Converter for Battery- Powered 3G/4G RF Power Amplifiers
LM34936 30-V Wide VIN Synchronous 4-Switch Buck-Boost Controller

Vicor Corporation
PI3756-00 38V to 60VIN, 28V to 60VOUT, 200W Cool-Power ZVS Buck-Boost

MPS Industries, Inc.
MP2155GQ-Z High Efficiency Single Inductor Buck-Boost Converter with 2.2A Switches

Texas Instruments
TPS63060_15 TPS6306x High Input Voltage, Buck-Boost Converter With 2-A Switch Current

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