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BASED Datasheets, PDF

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AS6133 For PC-9800 (MS-DOS-TM Based), For IBM PC/ATTM (PC DOS-TM Based)

Samsung semiconductor
M368L3324DUS DDR SDRAM Unbuffered Module 184pin Unbuffered Module based on 512Mb D-die with 64/72-bit Non ECC/ECC 66 TSOP-II with Pb-Free (RoHS compliant)

National Semiconductor ...
LM2623 General Purpose, Gated Oscillator Based, DC/DC Boost Converter

UM1943 Getting started with the X-NUCLEO-IHM07M1 motor driver expansion board based on the L6230 for STM32 Nucleo

Allegro MicroSystems
ACS722KMA High Accuracy, Hall-effect Based Current Sensor IC in High Isolation SOIC16 Package

AN2654 CCFL backlight half-bridge topology based on L6574 and STD7NS20

Hynix Semiconductor
HMT325V7CFR8C DDR3 SDRAM VLP Registered DIMM Based on 2Gb C-die

STEVAL-ISV018V1 300 W PV converter to be integrated into a photovoltaic panel based on SPV1020 and bypass diodes SPV1001N30 and SPV1001N40
STEVAL-IFS017V5 Temperature sensor daughter card based on the STTS751-1WB3F in SOT package

Dialight Corporation
586-1201-201F BASED LED T1 3/4 WEDGE (T5)

Hanbit Electronics Co.,...
HSD32M64D8A Synchronous DRAM Module 64Mbyte (8Mx72bit),DIMM based on 32Mx8, 4Banks, 8K Ref., 3.3V

Kingbright Corporation

Hanbit Electronics Co.,...
HSD32M72D18P Synchronous DRAM Module 256Mbyte (32Mx72bit), DIMM with ECC based on 16Mx8, 4Banks, 4K Ref., 3.3V

Samsung semiconductor
M368L1713CTL 128MB DDR SDRAM MODULE (16Mx64 based on 16Mx8 DDR SDRAM) Unbuffered 184pin DIMM 64-bit Non-ECC/Parity

Nuvoton Technology Corp...
N9H26 ARM® ARM926EJ-S Based 32-bit Microprocessor

Silicon Laboratories
1503163 Updated specifications based on the results of additional silicon characterization.

Crystek Corporation
CCSO-914X-1000_15 SAW Based Clock Oscillator

AN4200 Four-layer demonstration board based on the STA333IS

Pulse A Technitrol Comp...
P0354T Solutions based on impedance, size and current

STEVAL-ISA076V2 USB compatible battery charger demo board with integrated power switch for Li-Ion/Li-Polymer based on the L6924U

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