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BASED Datasheet, PDF

Descripción Electrónicos : 'BASED' - Total: 675 (1/34) Pages
Fabricante ElectrónicoNo. de piezaDatasheetDescripción Electrónicos
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AS6133 Datasheet pdf image
509Kb / 15P
For PC-9800 (MS-DOS-TM Based), For IBM PC/ATTM (PC DOS-TM Based)
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Hynix Semiconductor
H55S2562JFR-60M Datasheet pdf image
689Kb / 52P
256MBit MOBILE SDR SDRAM based on 4M x 4Bank x16 I/O
Company Logo Img
UM0890 Datasheet pdf image
442Kb / 7P
2-stage RF power amplifier with LPF based on the PD85006L-E and STAP85050 RF power transistors
Company Logo Img
Hynix Semiconductor
H55S5162DFR-60M Datasheet pdf image
701Kb / 55P
512MBit MOBILE SDR SDRAMs based on 8M x 4Bank x16I/O
Company Logo Img
UM0897 Datasheet pdf image
711Kb / 25P
Embedded Ethernet web client based on the STR91x
Company Logo Img
Hynix Semiconductor
H57V1262GFR-50X Datasheet pdf image
256Kb / 12P
128Mb Synchronous DRAM based on 2M x 4Bank x16 I/O
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AN4141 Datasheet pdf image
1Mb / 42P
Migration and compatibility guidelines for STM32W108xx microcontroller applications based on the HAL
STEVAL-CCA018V1 Datasheet pdf image
139Kb / 4P
Single-supply stereo digital audio line driver based on the TS4657
Company Logo Img
National Semiconductor ...
COP888EB Datasheet pdf image
835Kb / 75P
8-Bit CMOS ROM Based Microcontrollers with 8k Memory, CAN Interface, 8-Bit A/D, and USART
Company Logo Img
STEVAL-MKI072V1 Datasheet pdf image
119Kb / 4P
MEMS demonstration board based on the LY3100ALH analog output single-axis gyroscope
Company Logo Img
List of Unclassifed Man...
PCM-6893 Datasheet pdf image
227Kb / 1P
Socket 370 based Pentium III Celeron Processor
Company Logo Img
STEVAL-ILL021V1 Datasheet pdf image
257Kb / 5P
LCD panels backlight demonstration board based on the LED7707
Company Logo Img
Samsung semiconductor
M366S3253DTS Datasheet pdf image
159Kb / 11P
32Mx64 SDRAM DIMM based on 32Mx8, 4Banks, 8K Refresh, 3.3V Synchronous DRAMs with SPD
Company Logo Img
STEVAL-ISA047V1 Datasheet pdf image
214Kb / 4P
1.5 A / 1.2 V step-down DC-DC converter demonstration board based on the ST1S03A
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International Rectifier
IRMCF312 Datasheet pdf image
227Kb / 8P
Dual Channel Sensorless PM Motor Control IC MCETM(Motion Control Engine) based sinusoidal sensorless control
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STEVAL-ISB006V1 Datasheet pdf image
147Kb / 4P
Dual USB/wall adapter Li-Ion battery charger with gas gauge demonstration board based on the STw4102
Company Logo Img
Kingbright Corporation
BLB102MGC-12V-P Datasheet pdf image
85Kb / 3P
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0460001ER Datasheet pdf image
333Kb / 3P
The 460 Series Slo-Blo® SMF is based on Littelfuse PICO® fuse through-hole technology, though offered in a surface mount package.
Company Logo Img
Kingbright Corporation
BLF052SYC-12V-P Datasheet pdf image
66Kb / 3P
Company Logo Img
Hynix Semiconductor
HMT41GA7MFR8A Datasheet pdf image
672Kb / 48P
DDR3L SDRAM ECC SO-DIMMs Based on 4Gb M-die

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