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JMK Inc.
GG-1570-20 The power converter / Backup Battery is a nominal 13.8 volt to 13.8 volt dc-dc converter With a backup battery to supply power during starting etc.

ATMEL Corporation
AT73C224-G_14 Ultra-low Power Real-time Clock (RTC) and Backup Battery Management
AT73C239_14 Independent 2.5V to 3.6V Auxiliary Supply for Backup Section

Cymbet Corporation
AN-1028 Ultra Low Power MSP430 Backup Using the EnerChip™ CC

Maxim Integrated Produc...
MAX6365_09 SOT23, Low-Power μP Supervisory Circuits with Battery Backup and Chip-Enable Gating

Silicon Laboratories
EFM32WG360 Operation from backup battery when main power drains out

Maxim Integrated Produc...
DS3231M_11 5ppm, I2C Real-Time Clock Battery Backup for Continuous Timekeeping

Active-Semi, Inc
ACT2801_14 5V/1.5A Backup Battery Pack Manager

List of Unclassifed Man...
SMART750XL SmartPro XL Expandable Tower UPS System - Intelligent, line-interactive battery backup and network power management

RICOH electronics devic...
R2061L01-E2 3 Wire Interface Real-Time Clock ICs with Battery Backup Switch-Over Function

Linear Technology
LTC1559-5_15 Backup Battery Controller with Fixed Output
LTC3355_15 20V 1A Buck DC/DC with Integrated SCAP Charger and Backup Regulator
LTC3350_15 High Current Supercapacitor Backup Controller and System Monitor

Advantech Co., Ltd.
ASR-3272-12A1E 2U 12-bay Storage Server with Reliable Data Protection and Backup Solution

Microchip Technology
23LCV512 512 Kbit SPI Serial SRAM with Battery Backup and SDI Interface

Silicon Laboratories
EFM32WG942 Operation from backup battery when main power drains out
EFM32WG995 Operation from backup battery when main power drains out

New Japan Radio
NJU7286 Battery Backup Switching IC

Linear Technology
LTC1559-3.3 Backup Battery Controller with Fixed Output

Active-Semi, Inc
ACT2802QL-T 5V/2.5A Backup Battery Pack Manager

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