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SENSOR Datasheets, PDF

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Allegro MicroSystems
ACS756 The Allegro ACS756 family of current sensor ICs provides economical and precise solutions for AC or DC current sensing in industrial, automotive, commercial, and communications systems.
ATS643LSH Self-Calibrating, Zero-Speed Differential Gear Tooth Sensor with Continuous Update
ATS673 Self-Calibrating TPOS Gear Tooth Sensor Optimized for Automotive Cam Sensing Applications
ATS616LSG Dynamic Self-Calibrating Peak-Detecting Differential Hall Effect Gear Tooth Sensor
A1220_12 The A1220, A1221, A1222, and A1223 Hall-effect sensor ICs are extremely temperature-stable and stress-resistant devices especially suited for operation over extended temperature ranges to 150°C.
A1421 High Accuracy Analog Speed Sensor with Integrated Filter Capacitor
ATS642LSH Two-Wire True Zero Speed Miniature Differential Peak-Detecting Gear Tooth Sensor with Continuous Calibration
ATS651LSH Two-Wire Self-Calibrating Differential Speed and Direction Sensor with Vibration Immunity
ACS750LCA-050 Current Sensor
ACS755SCB-200 Current Sensor
ACS754XCB-050 Current Sensor
ACS709_V High Bandwidth, Fast Fault Response Current Sensor IC In Thermally Enhanced Package
ACS755XCB-100 Current Sensor
A1421_05 High Precision Hall Effect AC-Coupled Differential Sensor with Integrated Filter Capacitor
ACS754XCB-100 Current Sensor
ACS752SCA-050 Current Sensor
ACS754XCB-130 Current Sensor
AATS643LSH_06 Self-Calibrating, Zero-Speed Differential Gear Tooth Sensor with Continuous Update
ACS754XCB-150 Current Sensor
ACS712_V13 Fully Integrated, Hall Effect-Based Linear Current Sensor IC

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