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Zoran Corporation
QUATRO4100 Programmable SOC Solution for Printing Appliances
QUATRO4110 Programmable SOC Solution for Printing Appliances

Altera Corporation
DK-DEV-5CSXC6N-ES Cyclone V SoC Development Kit and SoC Embedded Design Suite

Pixart Imaging Inc.
PAC7301 PAC7302 VGA Output PC Camera SOC with Audio PAC7301 VGA Output PC Camera SOC without Audio

OmniVision Technologies...
OV05642-A63A the world first 1/4-inch 5 megapixel SOC image sensor

Texas Instruments
FET430F6137RF900 MSP430™ SoC with RF Core

Intersil Corporation
ISL55164 SOC Dual Channel 133MHz Pin Electronics Solution 3.75ns Minimum Pulse Width

List of Unclassifed Man...

Cypress Semiconductor
CYRF6936_09 WirelessUSB LP 2.4 GHz Radio SoC

Texas Instruments
TMS320TCI6616 Communications Infrastructure KeyStone SoC

Intersil Corporation
ISL55162 SOC Dual Channel 300MHz Pin Electronics/DAC/PMU/Deskew

Fujitsu Component Limit...
MB9G711 SoC for 'CD-Less' Car Audio System

List of Unclassifed Man...
CXT32SI10 Embedded Serial-IP SOC

Texas Instruments
CC1110F8RHHR Low-Power SoC (System-on-Chip) with MCU, Memory, Sub-1 GHz RF Transceiver, and USB Controller

Freescale Semiconductor...
MC1323X_1 Low Cost SoC Remote Control Platform for the 2.4 GHz IEEE® 802.15.4 Standard

Fujitsu Component Limit...
MB86K23 The Fujitsu IEEE 802.16e-2005 Mobile WiMAX SoC

List of Unclassifed Man...
AR2001 Smart Handgeld Device SoC

Texas Instruments
CC1110F32RHHR Low-Power SoC (System-on-Chip) with MCU, Memory, Sub-1 GHz RF Transceiver, and USB Controller
TMS320TCI6614 Communications Infrastructure KeyStone SoC

Fujitsu Component Limit...
MB91590 32-bit MCU with Integrated Graphics Controller SoC

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