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P1553ACLXX The SIDACtor® Primary Protection Balanced Series Modified TO-220 are thyristor devices designed
P0602AALXX The SIDACtor® Series Modified TO-220 are designed to protect baseband

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T6615 Compact CO2 Module Designed to Integrate Into Existing Controls and Equipment
L512F Low Profile Designed for PCB Connections

Allegro MicroSystems
A8731 The Allegro A8731 Xenon photoflash charger IC is designed to meet the needs of ultra-low power, small form factor cameras, particularly camera-phones.

MAS1206 Equipment Designed to Conform EMI Regulations Such As VCCI,CISPR,FCC,VDE,etc 

JGC0128 miniature chip type designed for two-way surface mounting

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LN222 L series PRTDs are designed for large volume applications where long term stability

Hamamatsu Corporation
C7027_07 Designed for front-illuminated CCD area image sensor

RMT Ltd.
2MP04018 The series of two-stage TE modules has been designed for applications where a relatively large cold side is required as well as two-stage level cooling.

Samsung semiconductor
KS57C21116 The KS57C21116/C21124/C21132 single-chip CMOS microcontroller has been designed for high performance using Samsungs newest 4-bit CPU core, SAM47 (Sams

ELLS-406EWA large 10.00 mm (0.39") high seven segment display designed for viewing distances up to 7 meters

Fairchild Semiconductor
2N4401BU This device is designed for use as a medium power amplifier and switch requiring collector currents up to 500 mA

226 Axial Lead and Cartridge Fuses - Designed to IEC Standard

Microchip Technology
HCS301_11 Microchip Technology Inc. is a code hopping encoder designed for secure

Mean Well Enterprises C...

Vishay Siliconix
1260 Bulk Metal® Foil Technology Precision Trimming Potentiometers,3/8 Inch Square, RJ24 Style, Designed to Meet or Exceed the

Texas Instruments
CSD16325Q5_10 The NexFET power MOSFET has been designed to minimize losses in power conversion applications and optimized for 5V gate drive applications.

Samsung semiconductor
S3C7515 The S3C7515/P7515 single-chip CMOS microcontroller has been designed for high-performance using Samsungs newest 4-bit CPU core, SAM47

JMK Inc.
ZF-1438-30 The ZF-1438-30 filter has been designed to operate with telecommunication systems.

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