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National Semiconductor
LM26 Accurate, Factory Preset Thermostat

Texas Instruments
LM26CIM5X-SHA LM26 SOT-23, +/-3C Accurate, Factory Preset Thermostat

National Semiconductor
LM27 SOT-23, 3 Degree Celcious Accurate, 120-150 Degree Celcious Factory Preset Thermostat
LM27_06 SOT-23, ±3°C Accurate, 120°C-150°C Factory Preset Thermostat
LM27A ±3°C Accurate, 120°C-150°C Factory Preset Thermostat (LM27 in Die Form)

Texas Instruments
LM27A_13 Factory Preset Thermostat

National Semiconductor
LM26_07 SOT-23, ±3°C Accurate, Factory Preset Thermostat
LM26NV SOT-23, ±3°C Accurate, Factory Preset Thermostat (LM26 without VTEMP output)
LM88 Factory Programmable Dual Remote-Diode Thermostat

GSI Group, Inc.
M1500P Mercury TM1500P PCB-Mount Digital Encoders Factory Set Resolution to 0.50μm

Dallas Semiconductor
DS75LXUTR Digital Thermometer and Thermostat with Extended Addressing

Maxim Integrated Produc...
DS75U Digital Thermometer and Thermostat

Acutechnology Semicondu...
AQ265 Adjustable Hot- Cold Thermostat SOT23-5 Package

List of Unclassifed Man...
H101 High Temperature Thermostat

Maxim Integrated Produc...
DS1631 High-Precision Digital Thermometer and Thermostat

Silicon Laboratories

Dallas Semiconductor
DS1721 2-Wire Digital Thermometer and Thermostat
DS1626 High-Precision 3-Wire Digital Thermometer and Thermostat

Bourns Electronic Solut...
H-26S Factory Installed Panel Mount

Hammond Manufacturing L...
1550Z115 Enclosures can be Factory Modified ( Milling, Drilling, Printing etc. )

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