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Solid State Optronic
STS700 Multifunction Telecommunications Switch

FB120 Silicon Avalanche Diodes - Axial Leaded Telecommunications Transient Voltage Suppressors

Siemens Semiconductor G...
BFP196W NPN Silicon RF Transistor(For low noise, low distortion broadband amplifiers in antenna and telecommunications)

M/A-COM Technology Solu...
MC2313 Open Carrier Double-Balanced Mixer For Microwave Telecommunications

List of Unclassifed Man...
GS5200EMI GORE-SHIELD® GS5200 EMI Gasket is a highly conductive, adhesive-backed, EMI gasketing material that is ideally suited for wireless infrastructure and telecommunications applications.

JMK Inc.
KK-1364-60 This EMI / RFI filter is intended to provide noise reduction for telecommunications DC power

Toshiba Semiconductor
TLP592G_14 Telecommunications PBX Modems

M/A-COM Technology Solu...
MC2320 Open Carrier Double-Balanced Mixer For Microwave Telecommunications

IRC - a TT electronics ...
ALFR-2B Telecommunications Line Feed Resistors

ISPB40 Telecommunications

M/A-COM Technology Solu...
MC3013 Open Carrier Triple-Balanced Mixer For Microwave Telecommunications

Toshiba Semiconductor
TLP592G_07 Telecommunications

Tyco Electronics
MC4510 Open Carrier Double-Balanced Mixer For Microwave Telecommunications
MC2710 Open Carrier Double-Balanced Mixer For Microwave Telecommunications

Vishay Siliconix
IL358T Linear Optocoupler for Optical DAA in Telecommunications, High Performance

Solid State Optronic
STS750 Multifunction Telecommunications Switch

L17T70 L17T Series Telecommunications Power Fuse

Siemens Semiconductor G...
BFQ70 NPN Silicon RF Transistor (For low-noise IF and broadband amplifiers in antenna and telecommunications systems at collector currents from 2mA to 20mA)

HLMP-1700-B00A1 Telecommunications indicators

Tyco Electronics
TR600-150QF-EX-B-0.5 Telecommunications & Networking Devices

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