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NXP Semiconductors
BT152-500RT_11 High junction temperature capability Very high current surge capability

First Components Intern...
SR120 High surge current capability High current capability Low forward voltage drop

Taiwan Semiconductor Co...
MBR4035PT_13 40.0AMPS. Schottky Barrier Rectifiers High surge capability

Texas Instruments
LM5122 Wide Input Synchronous Boost Controller with Multiple Phase Capability

Zetex Semiconductors
ZXFBF05 4 Channel Buffer Device with high capacitance load capability

IXYS Corporation
IXSN80N60BD1 IGBT with Diode Short Circuit SOA Capability

Silikron Semiconductor ...
SSF2715 Extremely high dv/dt capability

DIOTEC Electronics Corp...
6A05 High forward surge current capability

Shenzhen Luguang Electr...
3.0SMCJ11C 3000W peak pulse power capability with 10/1000μs waveform

SMSC Corporation

Intersil Corporation
ISL54207 Low Voltage, Dual SPDT, USB/CVBS/ Audio Switches, with Negative Signal Capability

Shenzhen Ping Sheng Ele...
MB1505_1 High forward surge current capability

Intersil Corporation
ISL97672AIRZ-T 6-Channel LED Driver with Ultra Low Dimming Capability

STI5514 Set-top box decoder with hard disk drive capability
for digital TV, digital set-top box or cable box

ON Semiconductor
CS51411_07 1.5 A, 260 kHz and 520 kHz, Low Voltage Buck Regulators with External Bias or Synchronization Capability

Intersil Corporation
ISL54416 Low Voltage, Dual SPDT, USB/CVBS/ Audio Switches with Negative Signal Capability

ON Semiconductor
NS5S1153 DPDT USB 2.0 High Speed / Audio Switch with Negative Swing Capability

Toshiba Semiconductor
TCUA231WBG USB 2.0 High-Speed, UART, and Audio Switch with Negative Signal Capability

First Components Intern...
PFR7001P 70Amp 1/2 Pressfit Automotive Rectifiers High Current Capability

G062 3.0 V Primary lithium-sulfur dioxide High drain capability AA- size spiral cell

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